Tuesday 6 September 2016

In a class of her own.

Kath Cossi
Kath receiving her  official accreditation
Kath (behind the gamers) refereeing

At the recent IeSF National Qualifiers held by CBDEL in August, in Brazil, Kath Cossi refereed the entire event.

The event was held  over  three days, and, although  Kath was there for all three days, she showed no signs  of tiring whatsoever.

Kath is the only female in the southern hemisphere who is currently an IeSF accredited referee.

Having earned her accreditation in May 2016 at the WCA sponsored event, Kath has remained fully committed to promoting esports at every level.

However, do not think for one moment that petite Kath is a pushover. Kath is a hard task-master and none of the gamers dare contest her decisions.

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  1. Wounderful and writing as perfection! Congratulations :)