Saturday 21 November 2015

All the contestants for League of Legends

IeSF's logo for the 7th World Championships
The list of participants for the title League  of Legends is now available.

It is indeed sad to see a continent the size  of Africa with only two competing teams. The two teams are from South Africa and Tunisia respectively.

The break-down of entries is  as follows:

Africa - 2
Asia - 9
Australia - 1
Europe - 4

With four out of the six continents represented, the competition should indeed be great fun.

As soon as the draw has been done for the group stages, such will be  covered on this blog.

The teams playing are:

Australia Justin, Tu Imperium Spoil 1995
Elliot, Charters Imperium Skwiggle 1996
Eldin, Skenderovic Imperium XJAY 1998
Dean, Ross Imperium Psyker 1994
Joshua, Patrizi Imperium Blindturkey 1997
China Ruifeng, Ni Team China 熊猫TV丶奶茶锋 1997
Yiwen, Liang Team China Evenven 1995
Chaocheng, Zhao Team China 熊猫TV丶摩天轮 1998
Deliang, Duan Team China 熊猫TV丶DJDJ 1996
Jie, Zhu Team China DestronWzt 1990
Chinese Taipei Jheng-Lun, Chen Team Chinese Taipei Ssomeday 1993
Yu-Fan, Weng Team Chinese Taipei 哪裡來滴飄飄兒呀 1990
Yang, Chia-YU Team Chinese Taipei 雲林張衛健
Zhong, Zhen-Hua Team Chinese Taipei DnZero
Su, Jian-Wen Team Chinese Taipei 拉比拉比別生氣
Indonesia VALLENT, NOVIANTO INDONESIA National Team apple 1993
RYAN, PRAKASHA INDONESIA National Team godNayr 1998
VANDY, NUGRAHA INDONESIA National Team Luffy 1989
BAYU, SANTOSA INDONESIA National Team cruzher 1994
Iran Hosseini Almadani, Seyedmojtaba rise of gamers amir 1993
ali, salimi rise of gamers ali 1995
arash, rouhi rise of gamers arash 1995
iman, delaram rise of gamers iman 1992
mohammad, nejati rise of gamers mohammad 1992
Israel Ron, Gal Team Israel Crack 1997
Tal, Saar Team Israel ShockWave 1997
Amit, Mizrachi Team Israel Mitamut 1999
Nir, Shemri Team Israel Xrangel 1996
Eden, Ben Avi Team Israel MinSc 1998
Korea (South) Hwa Woo, Choo FOG By 불비 1998
Jae Yub, Lee FOG 츤츤 재엽 2000
Gyu Joon, Han FOG alone lonely 2000
Jong Hoon, Park FOG unf4irunfa1r 1998
Chan Young, Kim FOG 항상 자상무색 1998
Mongolia BATTULGA, Tumur Team Mongolia Jungler 1994
BODIKHUU, Tumurbaatar Team Mongolia Top Laner 1994
OCHIR-ERDENE, Badrakh Team Mongolia Support 1994
SODNOMTSEREN, Tsedendamba Team Mongolia Mid 1994
ZOLBAYAR, Saruuljavkhlan Team Mongolia AD Carry 1995
Philippines Adrianne Jefferson, Uy Team Philippines ChoiAoi 1994
Hansel, Hermosisima Team Philippines Kidgart 1999
Gio Niño, Mendoza Team Philippines Young Exuberance 1995
Mohammad, Alsughayer Team Philippines Evoker 1995
Syvert Lyndon, Tan Team Philippines ChoiAbro 1991
Romania Gabriel, Sora Team Romania XPC Alddy HITBOX 1997
Gabriel, Ciobotaru Team Romania XPC GaBaNo ASUS 1995
Ciprian, Baltat Team Romania XPC AoD ASUS 1993
Andrei, Dragomir Team Romania XPC Xerxe ASUS 1999
Cristian, Radu Team Romania XPCGustav HITBOX 1995
Russia Dmitrii, Liubchich TrinityWorld BlorN 1995
ANDREI, PLECHISTOV TrinityWorld Darker 1993
ANTON, SHESTAKOV TrinityWorld Ekka 1997
Oleg, Kokhaniuk TrinityWorld FaceLess 1994
Mikhail, Pashuk TrinityWorld Irugat 1994
Serbia Aleksa, Stankovic n/a B5 Skankovic 1996
Aljosa, Kovandzic n/a n/a 1997
Jovan, Jovanovic n/a n/a 1993
Luka, Miletic n/a Bigfoot 1995
Atila, Dudas n/a colamaxx 1994
South Africa Taylor, Rose MSSA elis 1993
Maryke, Kennard MSSA Ykie 1994
Cameron, Tilley MSSA SexyB 1995
Vasudev, Stringer MSSA Paga 1993
Matthew, Smith MSSA Feno 1995
Switzerland Ali, Nasserzadeh Dead Pixels Lagyli 1994
Mahdi, Nasserzadeh Dead Pixels E Pride 1998
Adrian, Aebischer Dead Pixels Yamalol 1988
Joshua, Lim Dead Pixels Wild Joshy 1995
Dennis, Berg Dead Pixels koala with a hat 1992
Thailand PANTHAKAN, KUKHAM LazerCat Murphyy 1999
NATDANAI, PADTHAISONG LazerCat Mazkenziee 1995
PHAKHIN, MANEELERT LazerCat Brave Guilty 1993
AMANUT, KAMMA LazerCat Anat Jw 1992
Tunisia Ali, Gaaloul Spleet Pushers Armoured Dragon 1999
Fahed, Chargui Spleet Pushers Stay Away Yi 1995
Firas, Sahnoun Spleet Pushers Spleet 1995
Nabil, Kechiche Spleet Pushers Nightmare 1997
Aymen, Ben Chaabane Spleet Pushers Stak 1996

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