Sunday 1 November 2015

Competitive sports is never fair!

No matter what the sport, not matter what the discipline, sport is  characterised by hard work, endurance, perseverance, and sheer determination.

In that way, whether you play wargames, checkers, draughts, morabaraba, FIFA, CounterStrike, DotA, Hearthstone or StarCraft, you will find the same obstacles that athletes in the more traditional sports find.

In fact, if you play mind sports, you will even find even more obstacles.

The additional obstacles are the lack of accreditation, the disrespect that non mind sport players show to mind sports.

Not only that, but in competition there are the trials  and  tribulations of having a 'bad day', of being unlucky, and/or by being beaten by an unkown who has shot through at the last minute.

You may even have to deal with administrators that you do not like, and who, may possibly not like you.

The true strength of character in any sportsperson is how a sportsman deals with these obstacles.

Does the competitor throw down his equipment in disgust, and walk away muttering about the controlling body, or that they dislike the administrators?


Instead the true competitor 'knuckles down' and prepares for his/her next competition!

That's what we expect from the MWEB Protea Mind Sports Teams - true grit!

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