Saturday 21 November 2015

NightEnd enthuses about StarCraft™: Legacy of the Void® (LotV)

The ever-helpful Silviu 'NightEnd' Lazar (far right) giving advice to a young enthusiast, and his dad!
Silviu 'NightEnd' Lazar, one of the world's top StarCraft competitors has made his opinion quite plain about StarCraft: Legacy of the Void® .

'NightEnd' has been heard to be quit enthusiastic about Legacy of the Void®.

Not only has 'NightEnd' openly stated that he far prefers LotV to HotS (Heart of the Swarm), but in his opinion, Blizzard has got it  right.

This is an opinion shared by many.

As soon as Legacy of the Void® was released, the national federation for eSports in South Africa, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), immediately announced that all its championships would be played to Legacy of the Void® with immediate effect.

The IeSF too announced that its 2015 World Championships in Seoul would be played to Legacy of the Void®.

As 'NightEnd' stated, "Legacy of the Void® is a proper real time strategy game (RTS)".

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