Sunday 27 May 2018

Mind Sports South Africa welcomes MEW-Meta into membership.

MEW-Meta - a club which caters for all women within the mind sports community.
MSSA's membership now consists of over 90 member clubs. The majority of member clubs have memberships that would impress any sporting code and could consider themselves to be true 'multi gaming organisationns' (MGO's).

Thus, the growth now extends into most of South Africa's provinces proving again that the MSSA has the largest 'footprint' in South Africa.

MSSA has just accepted MEW-Meta into membership, to make MSSA become even larger than what it was before.

MEW-Meta is a small club which caters for all women within the mind sports community of Southern Africa by providing a platform to compete in MSSA related events.

The club encourages growth and excellence in all their players by providing them with knowledge, guidance, and support in whichever genre of game they wish to pursue.

As such, MSSA believes that adding MEW-Meta into membership will add even greater value to MSSA.

MSSA therefore welcomes MEW-Meta into membership and h
opes the club, and all its registered players, will have a long and fruitful association.

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