Friday 4 May 2018

Changing of the guard.

Vinzenz Koegler receiving a standing ovation.
2017 was a great year for Swiss e-Sports and for the Swiss Esports Federation “SESF”. The previous board managed to bring structure and expand its reach to the French part of Switzerland. The General Assembly was fantastic and almost all the motions put forth by its members were passed.
A new round of elections was held and one of the key changes was the expansion of the SESF board from 5 members to 7 members. The previous President (and IESF Board Member), Vinzenz Koegler, decided to step down after 5 years of serviceto SESF and received a standing ovation from everyone in the room. Continuity is key and last year's Vice President, Boris Mayencourt, was elected unopposed as the President of the SESF federation. Joining him on the board are Asif Hanafi, Cedric Schlosser, Jonas Eichelberger, Pascal Burri, Romain Bodinier and Yann Beaud.
The General Assembly also elected the Revision Board for 2018 and the members elected Cyril Dettwiler, Nicolas Meynet, and Tom Riat. Last but not least the Control Commission was also elected, these are the boys who will ensure everyone stays in line and they are Loris Caggiula, André Christen, Steve Metraux, Nicolas Meynet and Yohann Vila.
“It goes without saying, I’m truly excited to be working with some diverse and passionate people and I look forward to an even more productive year!” President of SESF, Boris Mayencourt.

With that said the board has committed to being more transparent in how it runs and will announce its priority topics later this month.
“We made some progress in terms of sponsorships and a growing member base so our plans for 2018 are ambitious and there is still a lot more to do and I’m confident we will be more successful than before” Treasurer of SESF Pascal Burri.
The Swiss e-Sports Federation will be expanding its footprint in 2018 by supporting the Swiss esports community and the entire board looks forward to it.

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