Monday 28 May 2018

Top ten ranked clubs at MSSA's 17th Mpumalanga Championships

Gawie Fick (Fakkel School of Skills) who was a major contributor of points.
Every single participant at a MSSA provincial  and  National Championships earns points for their club.

The points in turn indicate the strength of the club in terms of both participation and standard of play.

It is indeed exciting to see how the school clubs dominate. It is the schools which are the natural breeding ground for mind sports. It is at the schools affiliated to MSSA where the culture of compliance needed in board games, esports, and wargames can be cultivated.

The top ten ranked clubs at MSSA's 17th Mpumalanga Championships are:

Pos Club Points
1 Fakkel School of Skills 113
2 Höerskool Generaal Hertzog 84
3 BNKR 25
4 HTS Witbank 18
5 Masters of Mind Sports 7
6 Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club 5
7 Helpmekaar College 4
8 Taccor Gaming 3
9 JCS Academy 2
10 Valhalla 1

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