Thursday 17 May 2018

Meet MSSA's Selection Committee: Garth Schoeman

Garth Schoeman has served MSSA in many positions.
Garth Schoeman (Knights Mind Sports Club) has been a fully-paid-up Registered Player with Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA)  since the early 1990's.

Having served MSSA in many various roles, with the most notable being that of Vice-President for 12 years, Garth too is an experienced gamer and in 2002 earned his Protea Colours at the World Championships for wargames which were hosted by MSSA in Durban in 2002. Garth too has earned Protea Colours as a member of the technical staff of the 2018 Protea Esports Team.

It was largely through Garth Schoeman's foresight and vision that MSSA held its first esports championship in 1998, enabling MSSA to become the only body in the world that has consistently run esports events every single year for the past 21 years.

With Garth's vast amount of experience, it is not surprising that MSSA's Management Board has appointed Garth Schoeman to the position of Chairman of the Selection Committee.

Under Garth's direction, it is expected that the MSSA's team selection shall reach new heights.

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