Wednesday 24 April 2019

Brazil is on the right path.

Paulo Ribas as seen at CBGE's Brasil Esports Forum held at Marriot Copacabana hotel.
"It is vital for esports to grow, but it can only grow in a structured and regulated system". This was the opinion as expressed by International Esports Federation (IESF) president, Colin Webster. The view was further endorsed by Hernรกn Berisso (Diputado de la Nacion - Argentina), who has expressed his personal desire to see esports promoted by the existing national federation as a sport in his home country of Argentina.

The Brasil Esports Forum was thus an absolute success in uniting the opinions of delegates from Argentina, Brasil and Chile.

Without doubt, South America is a slumbering giant in the world of esports, and Brasl, with a massive population of 212 million (out of 431  million for  the whole of South America).

Thus it is with much joy that the esports world is able to see the founding of a nati
onal federation (CBGE) by no less than five (5) of the twenty-nine (29) states that make up Brasil.
Paulo Ribas - deep in conversation.

Under the guidance of Paulo Ribas, the CBGE seems to be makinng all the right noises.

Having implemented good governance and democratic systems, CBGE is desireous of affiliating to IESF.

Such affiliation will see Brazil enter into the IESF family of nations, and will assist Brazil to further promote esports as a fully accredited sport.

It is already believed that the sporting of authorities in Brazil have great interest in seeing esports regulated by a national federation.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) president, Amanda Pakade, has also expressed her interest i
n seeing Brazil enter membership of IESF. "Should Brazil become a member of IESF, all five (5) BRICS nations shall have active esports federations, and there is no reason whatsoever for the five great nations to not work closely together to further promote esports", Amanda stated.

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