Friday, 5 April 2019

Partnermedia and Mind Sports South Africa take it to the next level.

Hansie du Plessis of Partnermedia (on the left) and Colin Webster of Mind Sports South Africa (on the right) sign the 22 page contract detailing the working reationship between the two.
On Thursday, 4 April 2019 in the Boardroom at the Old Edwardian Society, Lower Houghton, Partnermedia and Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) entered into an exclusive strategic partnership.

Impressed by the return on investment after sponsoring the 2018 Protea Esports Team, Partnermedia has deepened their relationship with MSSA.

The partnership between Partnermedia and MSSA is of the utmost importance for school and student competitions which are the foundation of all MSSA championships.

The partnership will see MSSA receive three million rands (R3,000,000.00) worth of coverage over the next three years. The coverage itself will elevate esports to new heights where esports will be further entrenched into established media to reach a greater and wider audience.

School and University teams will thus benefit from greater coverage than ever before.

The sponsorship from Partnermedia will too enable MSSA to solidify its support and member base and deliver even better, and more, events.

MSSA as the authoritative national federation has always been committed to promoting esports into the mainstream, which is consistent with Partnermedia's ideals. There is no doubt that Partnermedia and MSSA will jointly promote the development of esports in South Africa.

MSSA President, Ms. Amanda Pakade said “This partnership is a big step for MSSA. I believe MSSA and Partnermedia will maximize each other’s strengths. I also believe that the shared long-term vision will ultimately be of benefit to every esports athlete in South Africa.”

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