Tuesday 9 April 2019

MSSA levels up by accepting LvL 1 into membership.

LvL 1 Gaming is a force to be reckoned with.
At the beginning of 2018, Eagles co-founder Claire ‘BubbleZ’ Holmes saw a need for more female teams participating in League of Legends Mind Sports South Africa events and tournaments. Thus, she decided to form her own team to compete in such contests, and so the Eagles were formed; a name aptly chosen for this team of bright, energetic, and hardy women. 

The role of captain and jungler falls onto the shoulders of the experienced Claire ‘BubbleZ’ Holmes. Claire has been playing League of Legends for a number of years, and therefore brings some much needed guidance and wisdom to the team. Claire definitely debunks the age old ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype with her extensive game knowledge and intense shot calling, making her a vital part of the all-female team. 

Up next in the mid lane is the merciless Simoné ‘XxGuellaSxX’ Stander. Don’t let her cute smile fool you – this lady is a force to be reckoned with. Simoné is ruthless on a variety of champions, from assassins to mages, easily making her the team’s secret weapon. 

In the top lane is the team’s pillar of strength, Lorin ‘Roripoppu’ Henegan. Her ability to adapt and play whatever style of champion the team needs makes her a valuable teammate. Her calm and collected demeanor also help the rest of the team keep their heads when the going gets tough. 

Alissa ‘BooStitch’ Henegan is the team’s AD Carry. Despite her young age, Alissa is proving herself to be a worthy opponent in the bot lane, managing to keep up in creep scores with enemies higher ranked than herself. She is also not one to be underestimated, and doesn’t let the pressure of having to carry her team impact her performance. 

Finally, the team’s support player is Aimeé ‘razcalz’ Ferreira. Luckily for Aimeé, being the manager and substitute for one of the strongest LoL teams South Africa has ever seen has its perks; she has vast game knowledge and awareness. Her love for her role stems from her charitable and selfless personality, and she never hesitates to help a teammate in need.

The goal-orientated team aim to improve and encourage female competition in League of Legends and South African esports as a whole, as well as be a role model to younger female gamers in the country.

Thus it is with great pleasure that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) welcomes LvL 1 into membership.
There is no doubt that LvL 1 will have a long and fruitful relationship with MSSA.
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