Tuesday 11 June 2019

Ramil Aliyev has been co-opted onto International Esports Federation’s Board.

Ramil Aliyev of Azerbaijan has proven his worth over the years.
In order for International Esports Federation (IESF) to operate at full capacity, it is essential for IESF to fill the vacant positions on the Board so that all the various portfolios are filled.

Since all positions on the Board require the members to put in a great deal of time, effort, and vision, it is vital that the Board finds the right people for the tasks.IESF’s Board is confident that it has found the right man for the job.
Ramil Aliyev has a proven track record in esports, and his work ethic is beyond compare.
Born on November, 28, 1979, and having graduated from the faculty of Law. Ramil is currently president of Azerbaijan Cybersport Federation. Azerbaijan Cybersport Federation was recognized in 2013 as the National Federation governing esports in Azerbaijan by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Republic.

Under the leadership of Ramil Aliyev,
Azerbaijan Cybersport Federation (together with the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Republic) hosted a very successful 6th Esports World Championships in Baku (2014).
IESF President, Colin Webster, stated, “There is no doubt that Ramil Aliyev with his experience and attention to detail will be a great asset to IESF’s Board. I, together with all the other Board members, look forward to working with Ramil.”
It should, however, be noted that the co-option is only in force for the period from co-option up until the Ordinary General Meeting in December 2019.

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