Wednesday 2 October 2019

High School rankings out for Paladins.

Monument Park High School is the top ranked school for the 'Paladins' esports title.
With Fortnite having an age restriction of 16, the game was dropped for use in schools by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) as unsuitable for learners.

The game of Fortnite was replaced by the exciting esports title of Paladins. The game is as competitive and is far more age appropriate as it only has an age restriction of 12.

There is no doubt that those promoting esports must always take cognisance of the mental and physical welfare of those playing in their events.

Having a lower age restriction, the esports title allows schools to add greater depth to their teams by starting team members off at an earlier age and then coach them over a number of years to vastly improve the standard of play.

Thus with Paladins only having been played as a competitive title in South Africa in 2019, it is most gratifying to see how well teams and schools have taken to the title.

No school team has taken to the title as well as that of team 'Dragon Gaming' of Monument Park High School.

The team has won both Western Cape Provincial Championships as well as MSSA's SA National Schools' Championships.

Having also won MSSA's 9th Online Inter-School Championships, team 'Dragon Gaming' has taken a well deserved lead in the official national rankings.

The rankings for High School teams for the Paladins esports title are:

PosName of TeamyearSchoolPoints
1Dragon Gaming19Monument Park259.2
2Another Bosch Boys Team19Bosch Boys252.1
3The Salty Bunch19Curro Mount Richmore200.1
4Arcturus19Hoƫrskool Randburg187.1
5Hyde Park19Hyde Park High113.5
6Normies Paladins A19Norman Hershilwood High School106.1
7GINX19HS Parys90.3
8Normies Paladins B19Norman Hershilwood High School75

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