Sunday 19 January 2020

"Give him a gold coin and send him home. He has a story to tell." Beowulf

Charlize Seremak, with support structures, has made  it all the way to top international competition.
Every championship in which a Registered Player competes adds to the sum total of the players' experiences.

The championships help define the personal individual in terms of character, strength, perseverance, dedication, and endurance.

Not every tournament runs smoothly, not every umpire makes the right call, not everything goes the way that the player wants it to go.

It is the player who can rise above all the vagaries of competition that becomes a true champion. Not only a champion in the sense of winning, but also a champion in the sense of becoming a well-rounded individual who is able to take all obstacles in his/her stride.

It is therefore important for players to participate in as many championships as possible. The experience gained in a multitude of championships, under the correct guidance of a coach, will put the player in good stead for later life.

Without training and/or competing under proper guidance, the player will pick up bad habits and will rarely ever rise to his/her full potential. It is not practice that makes perfect, it is perfect practice that makes perfect.

With proper coaching within training sessions and competition, the player will be able to rise to his/her own personal bests, and go home with a story to tell, and a story that they can tell all their lives...

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