Thursday 23 January 2020

Growing esports.

Often the real prize is hidden by more the more 'showy' aspects.
Growing an esports organization is very much like gardening.

Imagine, if you will, growing a pumpkin plant. Every part of the plant is edible, yes, the leaves, the stems, the flowers, and the fruit.

Thus the gardener is immediately in a dilemna. Should the gardener decide to harvest the leaves, the plant immediately retards the production of flowers and thus the production of fruit. By doing the quick-gain, the gardener never gets to see the final product, unless by showing great restraint, never taking more than he/she should in order to allow the plant to generate enough flowers and fruit.

This is the choice in which all those involved in growing an esports organization are faced.

The leaves represent the short-term gains to be made. By only concentrating on the short-term gains, the organization, and the officials thereof, never see the final product. They lose sight of the overall picture (maybe they never had it) and only see the short term benefits for themselves. Such individuals push for every short-term gain, and not only endanger the organization itself, but run the risk of doing irreparable harm to the environment as well. Should the environment be damaged, it not only impedes the growth of the organization that has damaged such environment, but also the effects the environment in which  the organizations that due pursue a  greater vision operate.

The fruit of the plant thus represents the full vision. Esports, as a sport, has much to offer on every single level. That is if it is pursued to the full. Esports can produce not only employment for those directly involved in esports, but also employment in many auxilliary services.

More importantly, esports as an accredited sport, can lead individuals to their full potential in their gaming, academic, and business lives. Through the award of official colours, players are able to obtain bursaries and improve themselves.

By competing in strict official structures, players are able to develop character. Such character will help them through all the trials and tribulations of later life - and there will be many!

Thus Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has its eyes firmly set of the overall picture. While many veer off for personal aggrandisement and financial gain, MSSA remains true to its course of delivering to its members and ensuring that esports remains a true sport.

It was solely through MSSA's efforts that esports was accepted as a sport in 2005 and that Protea Colours were awarded to an esports team in the same year.

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