Sunday 26 January 2020

Good turnout at Gauteng level 1 umpire's course.

All the successful participants of MSSA's Gauteng level 1 umpire's course.
There is no doubt that in order for the standard of gaming to improve, all the support services attached to the industry need to also be improved upon.

Thus Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), pays particular atttention to the standard of umpiring, and has done so since its inception in 1985.

MSSA's umpires, as as MSSA President Amanda Kwaza, claims, MSSA's front line, for it is the umpires that deal face-to-face with the competitive athletes at a competition, and often have to deal with the press and team management.

Much falls on the broad shoulders of the umpires, making there herculean efforts of great importance and making the umpires a vital cog in the growth of MSSA's activities.

Not only did the Gauteng Level 1 course see an increase in the total numbers attend, but it also saw the number of clubs, and the number of women increase. There were even participants from Botswana and Zimbabwe.

MSSA's umpire's courses are the oldest established such courses among all of IESF's member national federations, and MSSA has had a system in place for accrediting umpires since 1988.

With the increase of participation, it is clear that MSSA is continuing with solid sustainable growth, and will be ablee to deliver more-and-more to its member clubs, Registered Players, and the entire gaming community.

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