Friday 3 January 2020

The importance of club championships.

Playing at club level develops players.
Many a player is only interested in participating in official championships where players may earn medals, colours, and qualification for national teams, as well as those for which prize-money is awarded.

However, a player should not only play in the above, but also participate in as many club championships as possible.

Club championships form the basis of all championships. It is at club championships that players are able to practice new tactics and strategies without putting their rankings and ladder positions at risk.

Also players are able to gain much needed competition practice.

Many top international players, including a three times World Champion, are of the opinion that for players to do well at any international championships, the team and/or individual should have played  no less than fifty (50) competition games. That is of course in addition to the hours of coaching, and other preparation, that a top-of-the-line competitor needs to do.

Clubs also use their own championships to solidify their member base by delivering to those who are already members as well as by attracting new members.

Thus, those clubs that put on their own championships are way ahead of the curve, as it is those clubs that will have the staying-power to survive from year-to-year.

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