Monday 1 February 2021

SDA & WCDF 2021 Zoom International Checker tournament

The Scottish Draughts Association (SDA) and World Checkers Draughts Federation (WCDF) shall be holding an International Checker Tournament via Zoom..

Danny Oliphant and William Docherty will be organizing this international tournament which promises to bee a great tournament in that a number of the world's best players have already expressed their interest.

William Docherty is interested in all feedback from eventual participants. Therefore all such interested players are welcome to send William a private mail at

Some important points to note:
  • The tournament will be played over 7 weeks at the rate of 1 round per week
  • Set up is based on FIFA World cup draw into groups then knockout
  • The day of play is the Sunday at 15h00 UK time
  • The player must have a playing room, that can be isolated by a door. All players must show the referees, their playing room, prior to entry approval into tournament. and before each game the players must present a panoramic view of their room to their opponents
  • Entry fee is £120.00.
  • The tournament is to be rated by WCDF
  • 3 move
All rules, established by the SDA, WCDF, D.Oliphant and W. Docherty are non negotiable.

Send William your emails rapidly, and pass this information onto all your checker contacts. SDA and WCDF don’t want anyone to be forgotten in what will, most likely, be the most prestigious event ever!

Don’t forget though, only honest and sporting players need apply - the others are not welcome to waste other players time.

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