Thursday 18 February 2021

Being awarded Regional Colours

The first step in climbing the ladder to earn the prestigious and much sought after Protea Colours is ob
taining Regional Colours.

Regional Colours are the first rung of the ladder. The second being Provincial Colours. Regional Colours may be earned at MSSA's Regional Championships and Derby events.

Regional Colours are awarded to:
  • Persons selected by MSSA to represent the Region in which he/she is ordinarily resident in a team, or
  • Persons who have finished in the top three of an individual event in such Derby and/or Regional Championship, or
  • Persons who have finished in first place if a team event in such Derby and/or Regional Championship
Even a member of a club not affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa may qualify for such colours if having won the event.

Readers should too note that such colours are awarded to the player based on where such player is ordinarily resident.

It should be noted that South Africa has 56 regions, and MSSA is determined to establish regional championships in each and every one of them.

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