Friday 1 January 2021

Advancing into 2021


As Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) transitions from 2020 to 2021, we all may be tempted to want to forget a year that has been challenging and unusual. 

Though the year may have deprived us of many friendships and joys we took for granted, 2020 also taught us to value the things that are really important, and to learn from the lessons from 2020 and improve existing formats, procedures, and processes.

One such improvement is that MSSA has created provision for member clubs to host their own Derby/s.

The purpose of a Derby held by a member club, albeit a private, university, and/or school club, is to:

  • Help the member club raise funds, and
  • Assist the member club in creating more championships for their Registered Players, and
  • Enable more Registered Players to qualify for National Team Selection, and
  • Further promote a general awareness of Mind Sports.
Such a Derby may be held online or as a face-to-face event, and may even be held alongside other sports. Thus, as an example, King Edward VII could host an esport Derby at its much acclaimed Easter Festival. Such a Derby would allow the learners to earn Regional Colours, improve their rankings, qualify for  National Team selection, and the school to earn additional sponsorship.

Full details of MSSA's Derby event may be obtained from MSSA by emailing

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