Thursday 21 January 2021

Derby events -the way forward.

By now, all competitive gamers are aware that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) have developed and instituted an exciting new championship format being the Derby event.

Also with the South African governments Level 3 Regulations, only official events can be held. Thus the Derby event complies with the legislation in allowing smaller decentralised events on a more frequent basis.

The event also allows the member club hosting the event to obtain sponsorships.

Yet there is a little confusion about the Derby event.

It should be noted that while only a member club may host the event, such host may allow non member clubs to participate in the event, for example, Edenvale High may host a Derby event and have SAHETI, and Sasolburg High School participate (which are all member clubs), while Curro Klerksdorp may host a Derby event against schools as yet not affiliated.

But that is not all. A member university club based on a member university with more than one campus could host a Derby with the other campuses - even though they may not have member clubs.

This way MSSA's members would be able to spread the word that Board games, Esports, and Wargames are fully accredited sports while at the same time delivering even more to their Registered Players and the community as a whole.

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