Monday 25 January 2021

Want better health?


According to Kellie Mugwana, Ozone Spa Bath purifies water, even borehole water. It is known that borehole water is not good to drink because of its high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) count (TDS is what tells us if the water is fit to drink and how oxygenated it is. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water are some organic and inorganic materials, which include minerals and ions that are dissolved in a particular quantity in water. When water passes through stones, pipes or different surfaces, the particles are absorbed into the water. TDS in water can come from different sources such as minerals in chemicals used for treating water, runoff from the road salts and chemicals or fertilizers from the farms.Safe and healthy drinking water must have a TDS count of 100 and less, but borehole water may have a count as high as 220 and above which makes it NOT HEALTHY!. It effectively does to your body what it does to the inside of the kettle).

Ozone Spa Bath also has the ability to purify the air and produces supercharged oxygen in order to give you the optimum amounts needed for peak performance.

Increased oxygenation is the process in which an increase in blood flow supplies muscles and other cells within the body with an increase in oxygen. Oxygen is carried within the blood and transported to all areas of the body. Oxygen has many uses within the body including energy source, circulation, respiration, cellular exchange and many more. An increase in oxygenation can increase muscular energy, reduce muscular fatigue and keep muscles strong and healthy.

Increased oxygenation can have many benefits. The most common benefits of increased oxygenation include:

  • Maximised Performance
  • Maintainance of healthy muscles
  • Reduced delayed onset muscle soreness

Ozone Spa Bath is also a Massage Spa and may be used like a jacuzzi.

If you are interested in this wonderful and exciting product that leads to better health, contact:

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