Thursday 4 November 2021

Further enforcing good governance.


Past president Simphiwe Maphumulo (2010 - 2013) holds a position of Hon. Vice-President.
It is a long established principle that all sports federations should have individuals on their management structures who are not directly beholden to any member.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is aware of the need, and in 2018 altered its Connstitution to bring one such person/s onto the Management Board.

At MSSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 1 December 2018, it was unanimously agreed by all those eligible to vote to allow a
ll past Presidents, who have completed all their terms and who currently do not hold an elected position shall be awarded the position of Hon. Vice-President.

Such Hon. Vice-President shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Council, and shall have power to vote at Executive and Management Board Meetings.

By bringing on past presidents who do not hold any other postions within MSSA, MSSA is able to draw on the vast knowledge base of such individuals, as well as have an individual on board who is more objective and detached.

A full list of MSSA's past presidents is as follows:

DateNameProtea Colours
1985 - 2013Colin WebsterWargames*, Boardgames, Esports
2013 - 2016Simphiwe MaphumuloBoardgames*
2016 - 2017Morizane Boyes (resigned)Esports
2017 - 2018Amanda KwazaBoardgames, Esports
2018 - 2021Amanda KwazaBoardgames, Esports

*dennotes those persons who have won a World championships while playing for South Africa in a Protea team.

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