Thursday 18 November 2021

Orkney based club 'Bloodline' is accepted into MSSA membership.

Bloodline Society is a club that has started back in 2019 on the 14th of April. The club strives for perfection in gaming and great sportsmanship. Determined to become the best, the club has incalcated a philosophy among its athletes to always give their best to do so. 

Bloodline as a club do esnot believe in toxicity of any sort albeit racial or gender violence, bullying of any kind or any other form of negative behaviour. Bloodline has created this club to become the best, and to help the SA community achieve greatness in the world of gaming. 

The members of Bloodline see themselves as a family, and will always fight for one another. The Bloodline club always impresses on its athletes to portray the best sportsmanship behaviour as possible and be a good example of what a club should be. Ms. Amanda Pakade (Mind Sports South Africa's President) said, "Such a club can only be a credit to both MSSA and esports in South Africa".

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