Wednesday 17 November 2021

SA's Tekken 7 player bows out at IESF's 13th World Championships.

South Africa's Jonathan "CactuarKiDD" Brown at IESF's 13th World Championships in Eilat, Israel.

Mind Sports South Africa's player, Jonathan "CactuarKiDD" Brown, fought long and hard at IESF's 13th World Championships in Eilat, Israel.

The group in which South Africa's 
Jonathan "CactuarKiDD" Brown was randomly placed was a veritable group of death which also comprised of a player from each of Georgia, Phillipines, Namibia, and Israel.

Although Jonathan gave it his all, and with unwavering sportsmanship, Jonathan was unable to advance out of the group stage.

Jonathan has already stated to MSSA that he has learned much on the international stage, and will fight to keep his place in the Protea Team so that he can attend IESF's 14th World Championships and better his result.

Ms. Amanda Pakade, MSSA President, stated, on seeing the results, "I am happy with Jonathan's positive outlook and look forward to seeing him further improve".

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