Thursday, 19 February 2015

And he wins again!

When Jason Batzofin of St John's College earned his place in the junior 2014 MWEB sponsored Protea  Team for wargames that participated in the 17th World Individual Championships – Maseru, little did he know that he would get a taste for victory, and like it!

At such World Championships, Jason fought his way through to first place, but doubts lingered about his prowess without the presence of the 2013 Junior World Champion , Adam Louw, who was unable to make the event.

Nevertheless, Jason was not deterred and such criticism made no impact on him whatsoever.
Thus at the 28th MWEB SA National Championships held at the University of Pretoria, Jason was determined to put his critics to bed. Jason not win the junior title, Jason wrestled the senior title away from the 'Old guard' in one of the most controversial finishes of all time.

There was no doubt that Jason deserved to win, but his critics were far from silenced.

Thus it was no surprise to see Jason enter the Old Edwardian Wargames Club's Championships which was in its 23
rd year. Even though this is only a club championship and does not even count for rankings and team selection, all the top players attend this event in order to hone their skills for the new season.

Hardened veterans of the South African wargames scene were present, but Jason feared for naught.

Jason took them all on, and beat them all to finish on a near perfect score of 18/20 with 20/20 being a perfect score and again took the Premier section.

The win has thus confirmed Jason as a major player in wargames, and the man to beat in 2015.

Thus with one of the most prestigious awards under his belt, Jason has set his sights on all the major championships in South Africa as well as on being selected for the senior Protea Team.

Jason has become the giant-killer!

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