Friday, 20 February 2015

2015 MSSA Inter-school eSports on-line league

The MSSA has sent out all the documents necessary for registering with MSSA and entering the 2015 edition of the MSSA's on-line inter-school league. Entries for this year close on 16 March 2015, so we really hope to see you this year or next year. Please too join up on the Facebook page where teachers and team captains often discuss friendly matches and technical details. Pass this link on to your players as well!

The bye-laws contain all the rules needed, however, here is a little clarification on how the league will work.

The league shall be played to the Swiss tournament system similar to the one used in Chess, (winners play winners), with one match per every two weeks.

Each school can have as many teams as they wish as long as there is no cross-over of players, so each student enters for one team only. The reason for this is partly logistical as games might be played at the same time, but also because it impacts on a team’s chances of being chosen to represent South Africa.

This means a school can enter two or three Dota 2 teams, for example, but a single player cannot be in the Dota 2 team and the CS: GO team, because these might be played at the same time.

A school does not have to enter in all the categories, of course, but it increases your chances of picking up points. Points will be awarded on the basis of the number of entries for each game, so if there are ten team entries for the Dota 2 category, the winner will get 10 points, second, 9, etc.

To play the school needs to be affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa, and each player needs to also be registered with Mind Sports South Africa. Affiliation fees for the school are R100.00 per annum, while registration fees are R5.00 per player.

Once affiliated and registered the school is able to enter any/all MSSA leagues and tournaments, and to be eligible for the award of regional, provincial and national colours – all of which can significantly impact students’ chances of getting bursaries for tertiary study. Mind Sports is a category one sport, and many universities offer sports bursaries to eSports players!

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