Monday 23 February 2015

Northcliff high School ready for MSSA's 2015 Championships

Northcliff High School has a long history with Mind Sports South Africa having affiliated back in 2008 when most schools viewed eSports with just a little bit of disdain.

Fortunately though, the forward thinking headmaster immediately saw the possible benefits of eSports and gave his full backing to the club and to Noelene du Toit (the teacher in charge).

As a result, the club at Northcliff High School played host to top international StarCraft player Silvui 'NightEnd' Lazar in 2013. The school too has consistently produced a plethora of players who have earned their Senior and School Provincial Colours.

However, none stand out as much as Ian Pillay and Robert Botha who went on to represent the South Africa in the Protea Team.

Although Ian only did one stint in the Protea Team in 2010, Robert Both at went on to earn himself 11 caps as a member of the Protea Team between the years of 2010 to 2013.

Robert then went on to become the only professional gamer ever produced by South Africa.

The Northcliff team was able to build on the success of the past by finishing in third place in the 2014 MSSA Inter-school eSports League just behind St John's college (in 1st place), and Crawford College – Sandton (in 2nd place).

Thus under the ever watchful, and stern, eyes of Noelene du Toit, Northcliff High School is readying themselves for battle in the 2015 Championships.

The team for 2015 consists of seventy-five gamers of whom six are females.

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