Friday 20 February 2015

None finer!

In 2014 young Elishia Retief of Hoèrskool Linden made her mark on the sport of wargaming in South Africa. Seemingly without effort Elishia won all the female sections in which she played and, almost effortlessly was selected for the MWEB sponsored Senior Protea Team that participated in the 17th World Individual Championships РMaseru.

The first championship in every calendar year, always begins with the Old Edwardian Wargames Club's Championships which was in its 23rd year. Even though this is only a club championship and does not even count for rankings and team selection, all the top players attend this event in order to hone their skills for the new season.

Thus it is not uncommon to see most of the people who have represented South Africa there, and thus Elishia was there too.

It was therefore, no surprise to see Elishia win the championship and set the bar.

It is quite exciting to see whether Elishia can keep her form and fend of all challenges in yet another year.

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