Wednesday 24 June 2015

Lubabalo co-winner at checkers event in Missouri, USA

Lubabalo Kondlo proudly displaying his re-award of Eastern Cape Provincial Colours.
On 19 to 21 June 2015, Lubabalo Kondlo played in the Missouri tournament.
It was great that US supporters helped to donate for his travel so that Lubabalo could attend.
It's an interesting tournament format that is half three-move restriction and half 11-man ballot (four rounds of each).
Alex Moiseyev (fondly remembered by Thabo Mokoena and Rhonnie Manana) also participated..
There was a Grand Total Cash Prize Fund $8,860.00
MASTERS: Final Positions: 8 rounds | 4rds of 3-Move and 4rds of 11-Man, playing 3 rounds Friday, 3 rounds Saturday & 2 rounds Sunday with a Total of $6,615.00 Cash Prize Fund for the Masters Division.
Alex Moiseyev and Lubabalo Kondlo ended up as co-Champions for 1st Place, splitting 1st place cash $1,700 + 2nd place cash $1,100 as $1,400.00 each - Alex Moiseyev & 
3. Jim Morrison – Glasgow, KY 20 $900.00

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