Monday 12 October 2015

A game of thinking and reasoning

Khaylethu of St Enda's Eagles penned the following:

Draughts - a game of thinking and reasoning, which has given me insight and taught me that even if you are in the darkest of corners, with determination; purpose, reasoning and thinking, you can get out.

You can beat any obstacle.

Draughts has broadened my mind, showing and teaching me techniques and skills of solving problems and coping with problems and difficult situations. The moves you make in a draughts game determine the results, same as in life - the decisions you make determine your future.

My life is not much different from a draughts board, the only differences being that my life has no limitations or conditions, and my decisions are mot enforced by conditions and conditioning - no one determines or forces my decisions. I make them because I think they are good, not only for me but for everyone around me.

Having been brought up by a single parent - my mother, I have values and principles, and selfishness is not one of them. But hard work is - working towards my goals. To be honest, there is no game like draughts. It frees your mind and relieves your brain cells, making you more creative and mentally active.

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