Friday 16 October 2015

We want R500k!

Reading a number of articles that  came out after rAge, I came across an article where the blogger stated that gaming deserves prize-money of at least R500,000.00 for events in South Africa.

But do our gamers deserve such an amount?

Are the amounts unrealistic?

Let's look at road-running as an  example...

The Old Eds 21 began in 1980 and has become one of the most sought after races to compete in. It is an ideal race for those who ran Comrades to start their preparation for City to City.

The race has grown in popularity over the years, and now attracts upwards of 3000 runners.

All finishers are given a medal.

However, prize-money is:

Picture courtesy of the Old Edwardian Society
Most gamers will moan about these prizes. When you consider that there are over 3,000 athletes competing, TV, radio, online, and newspaper coverage, the prizes do not look that  great.

However, in road-running, most of the events carry prize-money of roughly the same value. 

The reason, why it is simple, that is what the market can afford. Athletes realise the cost of putting on a road race and the monumental amount of effort demanded of by the organisers and their crew.

It is no different with eSports. In fact, hosting an eSport event may be proportionally much more expensive.

So, the costs are higher, there is less coverage, fewer participants, and even fewer spectators.

How many shoutcasters in South Africa are broadcasting to just a couple of hundred viewers?

How then do we change  the current situation and turn it into something that benefits everyone?
  1. Start with development. Get more players across the board.
  2. Clubs must become legal  bodies and take advantage of Lottery Funding.
  3. Clubs should affiliate to MSSA so that eSports can talk with one voice.

Once the three steps have been achieved, the rest will start falling into place which will ultimately lead to greater spectatorship and sustainable revenue.

Without sustainable revenue, there just will not be increased prize-money.

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