Friday 16 October 2015

EFRAG World Championships 2015 Final Standings

True to form, as soon as the South African team is 'knocked-out', South Africans lose all interest in the event.

While it is true that the MWEB Protea CS:GO Team lead by Johan Heymans had insurmountable difficulties to overcome, the sportsmanship demonstrated in the face of adversity by the team was exemplary.

The same cannot be said for a small  handful of detractors...

But let's look at the results.

Tunisia was the undisputed winner of the African Qualifying Rounds and, as such went through to the finals in Serbia.

There they came up against all  the other qualifiers and were dealt with decisively.

So, even the strongest African team is no match for the top European teams.

The point is that South Africa should not send teams in order to be 'also ran's'. South Africa must start developing teams that can effectively take on their overseas counterparts.

It is not good enough to make comments like, "We only lost 12 to 16", or "We played hard but were unlucky in the draw  that we had."

A loss, no  matter how close it is,  is still a loss.

To be honest, their is not another team in South Africa that would have beaten the other African teams. 

So what is going wrong in South African gaming? Is it 'big-fish-little-pond' syndrome?

Is it that  there is not enough of a transference of knowledge, or is it the good old 'laager' mentality?

It is my opinion that eSports athletes in South Africa have circled the laager as it is now 'comfortable'. 

why push  yourself to be the best in the world when you can remain the best in an isolated environment.

Readers should note that  the team  that plays the best at home does not always play the best overseas - but that is another  article all on its own.

But, in the meantime, congratulations to the winners, MSSA intends to improve the standard in South Africa and, in the near future, make a challenge on the status quo.

World Championships 2015 Final Standings
1.  France - $50,000
2.  Poland - $25,000
3.-4.  Russia - $7,500
3.-4.  Sweden - $7,500
5.-8.  Norway - $2,500
5.-8.  Canada - $2,500
5.-8.  Germany - $2,500
5.-8.  Kyrgyzstan - $2,500
9.-15.  Netherlands
9.-15.  USA
9.-15.  Belgium
9.-15.  Serbia
9.-15.  Singapore
9.-15.  Indonesia
9.-15.  Tunisia


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