Monday 26 October 2015

MSSA announces MWEB Protea eSports Team for Seoul World Championships

Maryke 'Ykie' Kennard Captain of the MWEB Protea eSports Team for the 7th IeSF World Championships - Seoul
Through hard work, dedication and sheer perseverance, Mind Sports South Africa has carved a solid reputation for eSports both internationally and at home in South Africa.

eSports in South Africa has grown from being a mere activity to being a fully-fledged-accredited-sport for which players may earn Regional, Provincial, and/or Protea Colours.

MSSA, as a member of the International eSports Federation (IeSF) has been party to seeing eSports being accepted by the Olympic Committee of Asia and TAFISA.

Thus eSports is now accredited at every level as a sport.

Wynand 'ViViD'
And, at this time of the year, MSSA once again selects its team that will sally forth to do battle on foreign fields and represent South Africa against the best that other nations have to offer.

This year the IeSF's World Championships is being hosted in the heart of eSports, that is, Seoul, South Korea.

The game titles in which the MWEB South African Protea eSports Team will compete are League of Legends®, StarCraft II®, and HearthStone®.

MSSA is glad to have Wynand 'ViViD' Meiring represent South Africa for HearthStone®. Wynand has proved himself at the 2014 S A National Championships, Gauteng Provincial Championships, and National Team Trials to be a very tough competitor. MSSA is confident that Wynand will deliver solid results in Seoul.

Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson
Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson has once again been selected to represent South Africa in StarCraft II®. Nathan is now a seasoned warhorse when it comes to international competition having represented South Africa in Bucharest in 2013 and in Baku in 2014. This selection is the third year that Nathan has been included in the Protea team, and has thus earned himself 9 'caps' making him second only to Robert 'PandaTank' Botha.

MSSA is particularly proud of its League of Legends (LoL) Team. The team is well known in South African competitive circles, and the members of the team have all been in the various winning teams that have won at the various Provincial and National Championships as held by MSSA.

The team, captained by the ever efficient Maryke 'Ykie' Kennard is bound to make the other teams sit up and take notice as once again South Africa builds on its solid reputation.

The full team is as follows:
Maryke 'Ykie' Kennard
Team Captain & LoL
Tuks Mindsports
Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson
StarCraft player
Knights Mind Sports
Betty's Bay
Wynand ' ViViD' Meiring
HearthStone Player
BerZerK Gaming
Taylor 'elis' Rose
LoL player
Knights Mind Sports
Cape Town
Matthew 'Feno' Smith
LoL player
Knights Mind Sports
Cape Town
Vasudev 'Paga' Stringer
LoL player
Tuks Mindsports
Cameron 'SexyB' Tilley
LoL player
Tuks Mindsports
Johan Uys
Tuks Mindsports
Ryan Boyes
BNKR Gaming

As manager, Ryan Boyes lead the team to a very credible finish into 13th place overall among some very tough competition at the 6th World Championships which were held in Baku, Azerbijan. When one considers the handicaps, in terms of connectivity and the likes, the position that South Africa holds shows that South Africa is punching far above its weight.

The MWEB Protea eSports Team shall officially be awarded their colours at the official award ceremony that shall be done just prior to departure.

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