Thursday 15 October 2015

IeSF accelerates its effort to make e-Sports recognized by International Sport Society

Rita Subowo & Byunghun Jun
Jun Byung Hun, the president of International e-Sports Federation (IeSF), restarts international exchange activity in order for e-Sport to be recognized by the International Sport Society.

Mr. Jun visited Jakarta, Indonesia on 29th of September and had meetings with Mr. Mahyudin, S.T..M.M, the vice president of MPR (Madjelis Permusjawaratan Rakjat) in Indonesia, Ms. Rita Subowo, the president of Indonesia NOC, and Mr. Hayono Isman, the president of FORMI (Indonesia Sport for All organization).

The agenda of this meeting was the possibility of authorization of e-Sport as official multi sports events which is one of the main priorities of president Jun. Indonesia will be hosting the TAFISA World Games in 2016, the Asian Youth Games in 2017 and the Asian Games in 2018. As e-Sport was adopted as an official program in the TAFISA World Games 2016, President Jun tried to promote the vision and importance of e-Sport to key people from the national sports authorities in Indonesia. Mr. Jun was eager to request their assistance to allow e-Sport to be included in international sport events which will be held in Indonesia in the future.

During the meeting with Mr. Mahyudin, Mr. Jun introduced e-Sport to him and made a request for legal and financial assistance.

Mr. Mahyudin expressed his interest to hold the IeSF e-Sports World Championship in Indonesia and other IeSF events. MPR in Indonesia is the governmental institution that is responsible for enactment of a constitution, creating national policies and compilation of the budget.

Mr. Jun also met with Ms. Rita Subowo, the president of Indonesian (National Olympic Committee). Ms. Subowo holds many important positions in the Sports world, such as committee chairwoman of OCA(Olympic Council of Asia), a member of the IOC committee(International Olympic Committee), and the chairwoman of the organizing committee for 2018 Asian Games. Mr. Jun discussed the possibilities for e-Sport to be in multi sports events in Indonesia as well as requesting for help to introduce e-Sports to international sport society.

Ms. Rita said, “We would like to take e-Sport into 2017 Asian Youth Games in Indonesia. Through this, we will also be able to see possibility of e-Sports to be selected in further multi sports events.” In addition, she showed interest in introducing and promoting e-Sport to global sport society.

At a meeting with Mr. Hayono Isman, Mr. Jun discussed issues about e-Sports in 2016 TAFISA World Games in depth. He expressed that TAFISA World Games can expand the amateur base of e-Sport and will be a great chance for e-Sport to be introduced to international organizations such as IOC, UN, UNESCO which have been supporting TAFISA.

Through those meetings in Indonesia, e-Sport itself has a much better chance of being a part of the 2017 Asian Youth Games as well as 2016 TAFISA World Games. Through these references, IeSF will continue pushing for e-Sports to be a part of the 2018 Asian Games as a demonstration discipline.

Mr. Jun said, “Indonesia is an important nation that will hold international sport events three years in a row and its government and sport council have high interests in e-Sport. So we, IeSF, are going to try to spread the possibility of e-Sports as an official sport to all over the world and promote e-Sports players to be admitted as sport athletes through international sport events in Indonesia.”

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