Friday 23 October 2015


ANC election poster circa 1999
Watching the development of events in South Africa over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a disturbing  trend.

While it is true to say that fees for tertiary education are unrealistic for many South Africans and that any country should try to get as many people as educated as possible, the South African government has not been without blame.

The ANC, years ago, promised a free education. since the promise, fees at both school and university level have increased every single year.

But what has this got to do with sport and gaming.

Simply put, if sport does not create better citizens, there is no point having sport at all.

Yet what do we see, increases in the cost of education that both the poor and middle classes cannot afford as well  as blithe remarks made by the Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr. Fikile Mbalula on his Twitter page, such as:

What is interesting by the top comment that he makes is that he seems to try to  misdirect his readers.

In the next 'Tweet' he seems to accept government failure.

In my opinion, he is as equally to blame as the rest of the government.

Every year the Department of Sport and Recreation host the S A Sports Awards. In 2014 the event cost over R80,000,000.00. The amount of eighty million rands could have funded approximately 567 free 3-year BSc degrees.

Then we look at the Commonwealth Games bid. It is estimated that it will cost South Africa over 3 billion rands. An interesting article on this may be found here:

If that is what the Commonwealth Games costs, then such amount could provide no less than 20,000
free 3-year BSc degrees.

It is really all a matter of perspective in my opinion.

Should we educate the nation, and have a better and more productive nation, or spend the money on the 'quick-fix' and temporarily feel good about ourselves?

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