Saturday, 2 April 2016

National Team Trials (NTT) - 4 June 2016

MSSA's logo and Protea badge
With MSSA's National Team Trials (NTT) fast approaching, many gamers are readying themselves for such 'Trials'.

It is at such 'Trials' that MSSA shall select a small. but dedicated, group of gamers to once again represent South Africa in international competition.

The Protea Teams shall be selected to participate in a number of international events. Thus gamers selected are required to be available for all such international events.

Thus, Aperture Gaming's statement on MWEB's GAMEZONE that, "Based on the contracts we signed...DGL... will hold priority over any other tournament that falls within the same period and we (the MGO's) will be obligated to participate in the masters."

Such a contract would exclude any of the players participating in such event from team selection.

Imagine the embarrassment caused to the country if the IeSF sets a date for the event and South Africa is a no-show. Years of hard work would  be instantaneously undone. Instead of  having a 'favoured' position, South Africa would become yet another member, and perhaps  even pick up 'pariah' status.

Of course it is a club versus country scenario.

However, I believe that country is paramount. The honour to represent your country eclipses all else.

There is no value that can even rival what playing for your country can do for you - but that's a different article.

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