Saturday 23 April 2016

Professional gamers need salaries!

On 12 April 2016 MyGaming wrote an article "How much money South Africa’s best gamers really make".

In such article it was noted that, "
While other top gamers who MyGaming spoke to were hesitant to say how much they earned, they all agreed that it is not possible to support yourself financially through competitive gaming in South Africa."

I feel that the MyGaming article reflects a number of articles that I have written about professional gamers over the years, being: 
Off course there are more such  articles on the site, but you'll just have to look for them yourself. Ha ha ha!

Ultimately, gamers must understand that it is not prize money that creates  a professional gamer. What does is:
  • A monthly salary,
  • A professional attitude, and
  • The willingness to comply with contractual obligations.
Until clubs and MGO's start playing salaries, South Africa's  gamers will never be professionals.

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