Tuesday, 19 April 2016

eSports at SportAccord

Mind Sports South Africa has been a member  of the International eSports Federation (IeSF) since 2009 and has continually worked towards fulfilling the goals of such august body.

The objectives  of the IeSF are simple. The objectives are  to simply to improve the governance of eSports  and to ensure that eSports  takes  its  place among  all the other sporting  codes on offer.

Thus Alex Lim (IeSF's Secretary  General) is at the SportAccord Meeting in which he is pleading the case for eSports to be  seen by SportAccord as a fully  accredited sport in front of the  'Who's Who' in international  sport.

While in Lausanne The Daily (official SportAccord convention news channel) interviewed Alex Lim, regarding the rise of eSports.  http://www.sportaccordconvention.com/sites/default/files/page/file/SAC2016THEDAILYMONDAY18APRIL_0.pdf (page 11).

In the article Alex Lim puts IeSF's case forward clearly and succinctly.

For anyone interested in the growth and development of eSports, it is certainly worth the read.

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