Friday, 22 April 2016

Getting the fundamentals right.

Whenever articles  are published apropos eSports, there is  always a long line of 'trolls' who cannot wait to spew forth with their negative attitudes.

Yet in their many comments you can find the failings of eSports in South Africa, as such 'Trolls' demonstrate the lack of understanding of what is required to get eSports to the next level.

Invariably there is always a laughable attack  on Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA).

However, it is through the efforts  of MSSA that:

1. eSports  is considered to be a sport, and
2. That  a team has been sent  every year overseas since  2005, and
3. Protea Colours are awarded to  eSport athletes,  and
4. eSport athletes are able to earn sports bursaries.

Thus MSSA works hard  to get the  fundamentals right.

MSSA has a strong base  of member clubs which actively  participate in the decision making process.

Through the school clubs, MSSA can ensure that there is growth  and development among all South Africans.

Only once there is a strong base  of clubs will there be:

1. A  strong competitive grounding,  and
2. The development of professional coaching.

In turn the strong inter-club competition will lead to an  even stronger inter-provincial system  which will  attract greater  investment from sponsors.

The widened base will also attract more coverage in South African events.

Only then, will South African clubs and provincial structures be able to pay  salaries to eSport  athletes to create true professionals.
However, it won't happen if the fundamentals are not in place.

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