Friday, 22 April 2016

International competitions!

SA teams from 2012
Quite frankly any South African gamer not trying to get into international competition through the official sport structure, being Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is either just a recreational gamer, or plain delusional.

Since 2005 Mind Sports South Africa has sent a team every single year to compete on the international stage.

It really does not matter whether it was by sending the team overseas, or bringing the top-of-the-line gamers to South Africa.

There are few gamers who will not, with some emotion, remember SK Gaming at the 2008 AfriCon Championships, and Silvui 'NightEnd' Lazar in 2013.

Thus,  through MSSA's association with the IeSF, MSSA has been afforded the opportunity to even send a greater of number of players overseas than ever before. From what started back in 2005 with MSSA sending small exploratory teams overseas, the South African teams have become larger and far more successful.

Currently IeSF ranks South Africa as the 12th best team.

The ranking isn't half bad.

If you consider that only 20 nations compete in the cricket World Cup, basically the South African eSports team performs better than the SA cricket team.

Thus it  is my opinion that only those who try and get  into the national Protea team are actually competitive enough to participate in international events.

The  others in my opinion are quite content to stay in local competitions.

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