Sunday 5 June 2016

2016 National Team Trials - a huge success!

Gamers  in action
The recent MSSA 2016 National Team Trials held at St John's College in Houghton on 4 June 2016 was without doubt a great success for MSSA and the gamers. The school's facility from catering to IT infrastructure was absolutely amazing.

For many gamers the National Team Trials represent the next step in gaming.

National Team Trials is the bottom rung of international competition. By earning Protea Colours a whole new world is opened up to gamers as they are able to then compete in recognised international events that are administered or accredited by International eSports Federation (IeSF).

Protea Colours too enables gamers to apply for sports bursaries at University.

The Trials themselves showed that not only is MSSA's school development programme paying dividends, but that gaming is in good hands.

To get  to Trials, gamers competed over  a year  in various MSSA events.

The MSSA committee is enormously upbeat about the teams that participated at the Trials, and are confident that South Africa will soon become one of the most competitive countries in the world.

At the Trials some of the big names were present like Anteria Gaming, White Rabbit, and Tuks University Mind Sports.

There were also a number of schools represented, most notably Northcliff High SchoolSt Stithians College and Sasolburg High School.

The school teams shook the foundations of gaming as they toppled many of the 'giants' to earn the respect of all who were present.

MSSA has now got all the results and is deliberating.

There is of course, due process that must be followed before the team may be announced.

As soon as the process is completed, MSSA shall announce the team.

Only then the process of readying the team, through online test matches, shall begin.

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