Friday 10 June 2016

Why MSSA governs itself the way it does

Back in July 2015 I wrote about the spat that SASCOC is having with MSSA over MSSA's lack of having a 'succession' plan.

In such article I looked at a  few of the reasons why SASCOC would want a succession plan.

However, it is far more important to note that according to the National Sports and Recreation Act, Number 110, of 1998 (as  amended) that National Federations are the sole authority in South Africa for the codes that they administer.

This ultimately means that no body (government or otherwise) may dictate to a National Federation on the form that they take.

It is purely up to the National Federation, and the National Federation alone.

Thus MSSA has constituted a form whereby member clubs are directly affiliated to the national structure.

The reason for  doing  such is as follows:

  1. It is cheaper to administrate. Instead of having a number of associations, monies can be directly allocated to where such need to be spent, and
  2. Member clubs are advised directly of all decisions. There is no playing 'broken telephone' whereby member  associations only advise member clubs on selected decisions, and
  3.  All  member clubs can make a direct input into how MSSA is run, and
  4. The form of MSSA mirrors  that of the South African Republic itself. Thus when Parliament changes the provinces  of South Africa, MSSA automatically adheres to such changes. Thus MSSA requires no tedious General  Meetings, and/or long debates to stay in line with the country's constitution, and
  5. MSSA's  constitution allows freedom of thought and democracy unseen in any other sporting code. Any fully-paid-up Registered Player may be elected into any position whether it be on the Board, or as a provincial and/or Regional  Manager. Instead of people having to politic for years-and-years to get onto provincial and national structures,  and then to do so only when they are tired, cynical, and disillusioned, young passionate players can swiftly make an input. MSSA's structures are designed for the youth, and those that work. The system also is very unforgiving to committee members that do not perform, as there is no way to manipulate the system to protect the holding of any position.

Thus all MSSA member clubs truly support MSSA's structure. Only those with ulterior motives are opposed to the way in which MSSA governs itself.

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