Monday 20 June 2016

MSSA lodges entry to 8th IeSF World Championships

Gabriella Isaacs
And so the wheels are turning as MSSA follows due process in selecting the team that will officially represent South Africa at the 8th IeSF World Championships in Jakarta in October 2016.

MSSA held its National Team Trials on 4 June 2016 and is now just in the process of finalising the team.

There are three titles on offer in 2016 by the IeSF, and MSSA has entered all three.

The game titles entered are:
  • CounterStrike: GO
  • HearthStone, and
  • League of Legends.
It should be noted that South Africa is currently ranked as the twelfth best nation in eSports,  and MSSA has every intention of maintaining, or hopefully, bettering its overall ranking.

All  South Africans can be very proud of the fact that MSSA has always entered all titles at every IeSF World Championships.

Of course there has been a great deal of effort that has gone into the 'back-end' as MSSA continues to hold more events than any other eSports organisation as well as committing itself to holding  events in every province - which can be a costly affair.

MSSA's next events in June and July are:

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