Monday 27 June 2016

Proposed change to MSSA Constitution

From MSSA facebook page:

"Proposed change to Clause 39 of the Constitution:
  1. No member shall be allowed to have more than 40% representation on any committee if other members have delegates who are standing for the available positions, and
  2. Should a female stand for a position on any committee and should males already have 50% representation on such committee, then all nominations for males for the position for which any females are nominated, shall be vitiated."
But what does  the clause mean, and what is the expected outcome?

First, the clause means that as long as their are enough candidates  for a position, no one club can dominate any MSSA committee. The MSSA Management Board consists of 13
 members, so, as long as the positions  are contested, no more  than 5 members may come from any one club. Only if the positions are contested may a club acquire more  than 5 positions on such board.

The expected outcome  is that more member clubs  will  be represented on all  the committees to ensure that greater input is given which will further enhance the level of decision making and 'robustness' of MSSA.

Second, the clause concerning female participation allows the possibility for gender equality on all MSSA committees. If males  have at 50% of the  positions  on a committee, and the  other positions are contested  by both male and female, then the male's nomination shall  be vitiated. However, should there not  be any females wishing to  stand  for the  position, a male may then be elected  to such  position.

The expected outcome is  that such clause  will  do much to encourage more females to stand for positions and  take their rightful  place in the administration of MSSA.

Of course, this needs to  be voted  upon at  the AGM in December to be adopted.

To change MSSA's constitution, a two-thirds majority is  needed of both clubs  and votes.

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