Thursday 30 June 2016

These are the men that lead...

Jessie Joubert (left) and Matthew Smith (right)
Like any other sport, cyber-athletes sink years into preparing for the big one.

The big one comes around  every year in the form of IeSF's annual World Championships.

South Africa has a proud record at such World Championships as, not only is the team much liked, the team punches way above its weight.

Even with the poor infrastructure in South Africa, the South African team, through its hard work and dedication is currently ranked 12th in the world.

Thus MSSA is busy going through  the process of selecting its various teams.

MSSA has now finished the selection of the team captains for CounterStrike: GO and League of Legends. The team captains will now participate in the selection of the teams.

The two selected to lead the CounterStrike: GO and League of Legends Protea eSports teams are:
  • CounterStrike: GO - Jessie Joubert
  • League of Legends - Matthew Smith
Jessie Joubert:

Is currently in Matric in Rondebosch High for which he plays in school championships. In other games, Jessie represents Anteria Gaming.

In 2015, Jessie earned High School Western Cape Colours, Senior Western Cape Colours, High School National Federation Colours as well as Senior National Federation Colours for CounterStrike: GO.

Then in 2016, Jessie received re-awards of High School Western Cape Colours and Senior Western Cape Colours.

Jessie has an unbeaten record in MSSA competition play having never lost a match. 

Matthew Smith:

Matthew competes for Tuks Mind Sports Club - an official club based at the University of Pretoria.

In 2015, Matthew earned his Senior Western Cape Colours and was selected to represent South Africa in the Protea Team that officially represented South Africa at IeSF's 7th World Championships in Seoul. The team came up against very stiff opposition, yet performed better than any other previous South African team.

Matthew too has an unbeaten record in MSSA competition play having never lost a match. 

It is in Jessie and Matthew, upon whose broad shoulders, the leadership, inspiration, and skill, that the MSSA put their trust to deliver a great team to participate in IeSF's  8th World Championships - Jakarta.

MSSA knows that they shall not fail.

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