Saturday 24 December 2016

MSSA's Board Gaming Representative: Life is sport!

Joseph Matlhong: Board gaming representative.
At MSSA's elections held on 4 December 2016 Joseph Matlhong was elected in as MSSA's Board Gaming Representative. Thus Joseph takes the helm of games such as Morabaraba, SeSothoMorabaraba, Checkers, Draughts, and Backgammon.

Joseph is an 'old-hand' when it comes to sport even though this is the first time that he shall serve on MSSA's  Management Board.

Joseph is currently employed by North West University - Vaal (N
WU Vaal) in the sport department as Sport Officer.

In such department Joseph manages Dance Sport, Mind Sport, Jogging club, residence sport, and is an acting football manager. His qualifications are no less impressive with Joseph having earned a diploma in sport science, B-tech sport and exercise, and is currently studying towards completing a B-Com in sport management. Joseph too understands the demands placed on sportspersons. As a person who represented NWU VAAL in various sports at USSASA level, Joseph is fully conversant with the time, dedication, and commitment demanded by high-performance sport. Joseph's love of sport is undeniable, and he is absolutely passionate about the positive role that sport can play in peoples' lives. Such is his passion, that even if he does not have the time tto commit to participating, Joseph is known to travel in excess of 200 kilometers just to 'pop -in' to ensure that the event is going well and is up to standard.
Joseph expects a lot from MSSA during his three-year term, and he has already expressed that he will deliver as best he can. MSSA welcomes Joseph onto the Management Board.

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