Saturday 17 December 2016

Three firsts!

'Wolfpack' receiving National Federation Colours.
At the recent South African National Championships a team made up entirely of women did what no other team has  ever done before.
The team ‘Wolfpack’, is the first all female team to play CounterStrike: GO in the National Championships. Added to that, the team was the first female team to be awarded National Federation Colours for CounterStrike: GO.
If the above was not enough, the team too is the first all female team to be ranked  in the top ten CounterStrike teams in South Africa.
The  team is currently ranked 8th in South Africa.
The team thus qualifies  for MSSA’s National Team Trials that shall be held in June 2017.
‘Wolfpack’ is made up of the following players:
Esmari Swart (captain),
Blair Hamberger,
Tiffany Truter,
Lara Rudolph, and
Marisa van der Westhuizen.

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