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Jason Batzofin started at St. John's College, and now he is conquering the world...

Jay “Salty_Jayy” Batzofin
 started his esports career in 2014 while playing for St. John's College. Moving through the ranks, Jason Batzofin was selected in 2016 for the Protea Esports team for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In 2017, Jason moved from being a player to be Protea Team Manager of the Protea Esports Team that represented South Africa at IESF's World Championships - Jakarta. Jason then moved to the UK to study Esports. His working relationship with Rix.GG began when he observed for Rix.GG's VALORANT tournament and later their CS:GO events.

Jason's work ethic, tenacity, organisation, and player-first management style made him a strong candidate throughout the hiring process. His main goal will be to help make life easier for Rix.GG's Thunder roster, by pushing the team to succeed with one hand and clearing the path for them with the other.

Zack Chandler, Head of Esports, said: “I’m unbelievably happy to have Jay join Rix.GG as our Valorant Team Manager for Thunder. He’s a great guy and we share the same values and style of management which is clear through the work he’s done with us over the last few weeks. It’s a pleasure to have Jay on this journey with us and I’m excited to see where he can help us take Rix.GG in the upcoming future!”

Jay “Salty_Jay” Batzofin, Valorant Manager, said: “I’m extremely excited to be serving the Rix.GG Thunder players as their team manager and humbled to be invited to join the team. It’s an exciting journey to be sure and while I’ll make no promises to what the team will achieve while I’m serving as their team manager, I can promise that I’ll do everything to help them reach their goals. Every ounce of effort the team puts in I’ll match. The team is ready and I’m ready. We’ll see you at LAN!”

Jay continued by saying, "5 Years ago I knew I wanted to be in esports full time, and it finally happened this month. Being signed as the Rix.GG Thunder team manager couldn’t make me happier with this placement, but my wish of working in esports didn’t start here. I’ve been looking for the place to call home in esports since 2014. I started as an amateur CS:GO player in my home country of South Africa. I trained hard and competed in many Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) events. In 2015 I got selected for the national CS:GO team and earned my Protea colours. In 2016 just before the national qualifiers a member of my team had a personal issue, so we had to pull out, but I instead volunteered to set up and help run the event and afterwards the management of MSSA invited me to be the Team Manager for the team. Later that year the team participated in the IESF world championships in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is where I truly fell in love with esports."

Jay continued to say, "In 2017 I made the move to the UK with the purpose of pursuing an esports career. I got lost in the process trying to go pro in CS:GO and then trying to get more involved in the management side of esports. Finally, I got sucked into broadcasting. I can’t remember at which point I decided that that’s what I wanted to do but I did it and was damn good at it. Or I like to think so anyway… Along the way I’ve met some of the most amazing people and worked with some of the best organisations. This is where I found Rix.GG. I was their go-to VALORANT and CS:GO observer. Even after having done only one event for them, I started gelling with the people from It was a lovely workspace of which to be part."

Jason has been able to participate in freelance broadcast work and it is reported that he loves every minute of it. Jason has had the joy of working on events like Redbull Campus Clutch, Super Girl Gamer Pro, VALORANT Challengers, Redbull Home Ground.

To tell Jason's whole journey through esports would be of epic proportions. Needless to say that it all started as a kid with a dream. Jason is quick to add that, "I couldn’t have got to where I am today without the help of MSSA. There are so many other people who helped me get to where I am, and I know I’m only going to go from strength to strength in the esports scene so thank you everyone I’ve stumbled across in my esports journey and to all the new people I’m sure I’ll stumble upon later. I cannot wait to see what the future holds, and I want to thank everyone who’s ever believed in me. I hope I make you all proud. There’s a storm a brewing…" Amanda Pakade, President of Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), said, "It's truly wonderful to see one of South Africa's top athletes turned administrators to go on and conquer the world. South Africans have such great talent, and with the right amount of work ethic, dedication, and going through official structures, the wider world is our oyster." Amanda Pakade then added, "MSSA, wishes Jason all the best in all his endeavours - he deserves it!" Also read:

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