Wednesday 30 June 2021

Following due process.

Wetsi Moloi of Middelburg Hoërskool showed strength of character by following due process.

Sport has a number of life-lessons for players.

When something goes wrong, or against a person's wishes, the person can rant and demonstrate against the rule, authority, or decision. Such petulant behaviour is only likely to polarize both sides, which ultimately has no benefit to anyone.

Such confrontational behaviour normally leads to a clash where compromise becomes less likely, and one side normally has to give in at the expense of losing face, while the other wins in a very unpleasant game of one-upmanship.

Then, you get the people who are courteous and understand the rule of law. No matter how bad the decision, or unfair the rule, or strange the scenario, they accept the ruling on the face of it and pursue their recourse through due process. These are the true sportsmen and sportswomen who are learning valuable lessons that they can apply to their entire life.

One such person is Wetsi Moloi of Middelburg Hoërskool. In MSSA's 2021 SA National Online Schools Championships difficult circumstances arose, which were of a technical nature, which did not allow Wetsi to play his final game. The umpire ruled correctly, and although Wetsi was shattered by the ruling, he was not faint-hearted and pursued the matter through due process.

The Board, under the leadership of Mrs. Amanda Pakade, ruled on 30 June2021, that although the umpire was correct and operated within his terms of reference, MSSA would be remiss to not award Wetsi with his South African National High School Colours. 

The ruling is a triumph for good governance and oversight.

Mrs Amanda Pakade, President of Mind Sports South Africa, stated "It is wonderful to see that his  parents, school and educators still inculcate such virtues into today's youth".

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